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What You Can Do to Reduce Dump Truck Hazards

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Dump truck hazards happen too often to be disregarded. To ensure the dump truck industry is a safer, more reliable industry to work for, do your part and follow these safety guides.

Take DUMP TRUCK SAFETY Precautions Before Starting Your Day

Before you rev up the engine, take time to do that critical daily walk around inspection and safety procedures for dump trucks. Take care of your tires, tarps, gates, and hydraulics to be sure they’re all in good shape. You’ll need to ensure things are working in proper order to get the most out of your truck and complete all the available work that is out there. Don't forget to check changing weather conditions, evaluating how these changes will impact where you are driving can make the trip much safer.

Before you even think about raising your bed, check for overhead obstacles like power lines, branches or roofs. Ensure that your tires are fully inflated, your load is balanced and that you’re parked on level-ground. Make sure to lower and secure your bed fully before you start driving again.


Use Caution While Driving and Hauling on the Road

When you’re on the road, chances are you may encounter a few issues. Always be aware of the vehicles around you and use extra caution if you are working on a roadway. When driving with a load make sure your tarp is correctly deployed and no loose materials are on the exterior of your bed that may fly off into vehicles behind or next to you. Always keep in mind the following compliance and dump truck safety tips.


dump truck hazards


If you’re interested in learning more about ways to improve fleet and hauler safety, watch our video “Fleet Maintenance Combats Unsafe Hauler Conditions.”

dump truck hazards


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