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Transportation Logistics Management: A Game-Changer for Contractors

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For far too long, arranging dump trucks for your projects has been a frustrating process for contractors. You have to track down local truck drivers, call around to see who's available, give them instructions for your job, and then handle a whole mess of compliance and payment paperwork. It's a long and complicated process with very little insight into whether the manual paperwork is still up to date and accurate.

Fortunately, new technology is revolutionizing the way contractors can hire trucks for and manage their trucking logistics. By using a transportation logistics management program, contractors can easily find the trucks they need and hire without all the hassle.


What is Transportation Logistics Management Software? 

This type of comprehensive management program is common in long haul trucking and is making its way into construction. Software like TRUX provides a completely streamlined system for connecting with dump trucks that are ready to show up to your worksite and get the job done. Everything from trucker selection, giving job details, tracking deliveries, documenting compliance, and completing payroll are all done under this single platform. 


The Benefits of Using Transportation Logistics Management Software

Scheduling Truckers Becomes Stress-Free

No more scrambling to schedule haulers at the last minute. You can pre-schedule the hauling you need to get the job done, ensuring that trucks show up when and where they're needed.  And because all available truckers are already onboarded with TRUX, you don't need to worry about hunting them down yourself or obtaining insurance information. You'll spare yourself endless hours of phone calls and files of paperwork. 

Easily Find New Trucks & Hauling Companies

You can schedule your work in our app and know that all available haulers in your area have the opportunity to accept the work. Creating jobs that have attractive rates, detailed information about expectations, and good directions will help you secure quality haulers. After the job is done, you have the ability to pick the truckers that get you the best results and add them to your list of favorites. This allows you to quickly send your jobs out to them first, maximizing your delivery efficiency and keeping your business relationships strong. 

Stay on Top of Your Job Progress

TRUX enables you to monitor where your haulers are and allow your foreman access to find out where haulers are. You can track routes taken and even use this data to evaluate trucker performance. 

Paperwork Headaches Disappear

All haulers in the TRUX roster are required to have up-to-date insurance documentation on file at all times. This takes the burden of ensuring compliance completely off your shoulders. All payroll paperwork is also managed in the program. Invoicing is automated, and all of your hauling jobs for the week are clearly itemized toward a single invoice and payment. 

Save Money on Payments

TRUX's digital punch-in/punch-out system tallies the time worked by haulers down to the minute. You'll pay only for the exact amount of time worked - no more rounding up to the nearest quarter-hour. 


Transportation Logistics Management Simplifies Work

Programs like TRUX give you the chance to remove all the friction that traditionally comes with hauling hires. You get to save time and money, giving you more resources to devote to your projects. Now that you know the answer to "What is transportation logistics management software?", why not see how it works for you?

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