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Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Electronic Load Slips

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For decades, the construction industry has relied on paper load slips to track how many tons are moving from the plant to the jobsite. As an insider, you know that these small slips of paper are mission ciritcal when it comes to your businesses operations and ensuring haulers are paid the correct amount. However, if you were to look in from the outside, it would be a shock to know the only record you have is an easily damaged or lost piece of paper.

Top 5 Reasons Electronic Load Slips Will Make Your Life Easier


  1. View Timestamps & Weights When Material Leaves the Plant. With electronic load slips material is weighed out and documented as soon as it leaves the plant by the hauler, providing you with an accurate view of actual productivity - in real-time.
  2. Verify Time of Material Arrival at the Jobsite. Maintaining control at jobsites is key to staying on time and on budget. Electronic load slips allow your team insight into the time material arrived at the jobsite and TRUX cycle-time analysis helps paint the full picture for your team.
  3. Never Miss A Load Slip Again. Such small pieces of paper make a huge impact on your company's operations. With electronic load slips your office team will have access to real-time & historical load slips. Saving hours of tracking down and filing paperwork.
  4. Cut Down on the Amount of Paper Changing Hands. From decreasing the likelihood that a cup of coffee gets spilled (damaging vital information) to cutting down on the spread of viruses and germs, electronic load slips cut down on your team's reliance on paper changing hands.
  5. Get Paid on Time, Everytime. With tight margins, ensuring your paperwork is all in order (and on time) becomes even more critical. With electronic load slips you can rest assured that you will be able to get paid on time, everytime. Your office staff will have the tools they need to verify weight and time for each project in real-time and with historical data available.


How do Electronic Load Slips Work?



Haulers Upload Load Slips to the TRUX Mobile Application

Completed load slips are uploaded directly from within the TRUX mobile app by haulers easily & securely.


Contractors View & Download on the TRUX Desktop Application

Contractors and material producers are able to view and download digital load slips in real-time for current & historical projects.


Need A Solution?

The world is changing. If you think it is time for your business to adapt new technology to keep your team healthy and your payments coming in on time, TRUX has solutions that work for businesses large and small. The best part? There is no integration required! That means your team can start to view real-time and historical load slips. In addition to our digital load slips, with no integration required we also offer bulk communication tools, GPS tracking for all haulers, and cycle-time analysis.


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