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The Perfect Gifts for Construction Industry Dads

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We know buying gifts for dad is hard. Father’s Day is just around the corner and we’ve got some thoughts about what you should get your construction industry dad. The best gifts for your dad are just a few clicks away.

Tools to Get the Job Done

Hook him up with something downright practical: a gift card for Home Depot, Lowe’s or Tractor Supply Store. He can decide what he needs to buy to fulfill his job needs. They’ve got options like cordless drills, levels, screwdrivers, and wire cutters to name a few.


Just Looking Out for Him

He comes home tired from work day after day. He’s got back pain and sore muscles. The remedy? Get him a back massager or go all out with a massage chair. Here are some options:

Back Massagers:

Massage Chairs:

When he’s out on the road, he’ll likely need a form of nourishment along the way to keep him going. If you want to make the day extra special, order Uber Eats delivered right to him for lunch. He’ll be delightfully surprised that you thought of him. Make a Costco run and buy some protein bars for the road. Get him a Dunkin’ Donuts or Chick-Fill-A gift card. He’ll also need to keep his nourishment in a cool, dry place. We recommend a Yeti cooler for him. Take it one step further and purchase a Yeti mug too - he deserves it!  

Tickets to Fun Events

On his day off, get him some tickets to a dirt bike race. It’ll help him take his mind off work while having fun.


Keep Him Moving

Some sporting equipment for exercise might do him good, like this outdoor football toss. If he sits long hours in the truck, he’ll need something to take the edge off of driving all day. Why not get him a subscription to Daily Burn? He can enjoy his workouts without having to leave the house. If he likes to fish, consider getting him a gift card for Bass Pro Shops.


Dress Him for Comfort and Safety

To get a rugged job done, he’ll need a rugged set of clothes and a robust pair of shoes. Some options for general clothing necessities can be found at Duluth Trading Co. We recommend other items like LL Bean’s Flannel Shirts, a pair of LL Bean Cresta Hikers or Timberland Steel Toe Shoes. Chippewa has some good options for shoes as well. He’ll need a tough pair of jeans too - check out Wrangler’s options!

Some other great (fire-resistant) options can be found at Carhartt. They also have sweat-wicking force gear for a hard-working dad.

He’ll need a good pair of sunglasses for the road too. We recommend Special Ops. And if it’s in your budget, throw in a pair of solid deerskin gloves. He can use them while on the job and handling materials.


Tools to Expand His Business

If he owns a small construction business and doesn’t have a website, set one up for him. He’ll be grateful you went the extra mile to showcase his business. We recommend tools like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, or GoDaddy. Not only will he get a domain URL, but you can also build a totally customized website for him using these tools. Here’s a list of pricing for these services:

Service Pricing
Wix The first year is free, then upgrade to a Premium Plan for $13/mo
Weebly Pay $60 annually ($5/mo)
Squarespace Pay $12 monthly
GoDaddy Pay $1/mo for website hosting! (You will, however, need a developer to help design a website. Check out Freelancer.com for some contacts!)

With all of these options, you can always upgrade to a business plan if his business expands.

If you want to set up an email domain account for him, like john@johndoetrucking.com, it will cost you extra.

To top it off, get some business cards printed for him. Vistaprint and Moo are some great options.

To get some awesome footage of his fleet or quarry, consider getting him a drone. He could then showcase his infrastructure on the web. Some recommendations: