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How to Get the Most Out of Resource Allocation in Construction Management

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Resource allocation in construction management is critical. If you have a project to get done, you’re going to need to allocate your resources effectively in order to make a profit. Some basic resources needed are:

  • Skilled workers
  • Tools
  • Time

In construction, effective resource allocation is key to delivering projects on time and on budget.


What Can a Construction Management Platform Do?

Construction management platforms like TRUX allow tracking for third-party haulers. Right now, most contractors estimate cycle-time and how many loads haulers will be able to do in a day.

However, it is difficult to account for weather conditions, equipment breakdowns, and other unforeseen delays. So, how do contractors go about planning their projects? The answer is: there aren’t real ways to see what’s happening without the use of technology.


resource allocation in construction management



Tracking Provides Real-Time Data

Imagine tracking the estimated values against actual values in real-time. Companies that are adopting technology are able to action off real-time stats.


Make Adjustments and Scale

Providing great service to your customers is hard, but if you’re on board with the latest technology, like TRUX, you are able to view real-time data providing your employees the tools they need to make adjustments while the job is on-going. Dispatchers can scale trucking up or down based on productivity. Hitting daily target becomes more manageable because you can track progress with real information.

This ability to scale on the fly means that truckers don’t get frustrated waiting in line to do their work. Plus, contractors and materials producers are able to provide superior service to their customers

Most importantly, contractors can build data in the background with a platform like TRUX. Over time, you can streamline your operations and logistics because the platform has logged all of your activities. From a functional and budget level, that’s huge TRUX clients are able to increase the productivity of their logistics by 15 - 20%.


Understand the Trends

Having this data helps you better identify and understand trends, allowing you to get ahead of problems - not react to them. The impact of this mentality shift allows for better resource allocation decisions. This helps to schedule hauling more efficiently, plan workload more realistically, increase plant efficiency and reduce churn.


resource allocation in construction management



TRUX: A Tool to Help Allocate Resources

If you are serious about bringing technology onboard, then consider a tool like TRUX. Construction management software like TRUX allows you to access the tools you need to increase productivity and allocate resources wisely.