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How Mobile Applications Affect Dump Truck Driver Pay

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Faster pay makes it easier for you to combat vehicle expenses, eases flow of communication and builds a better frequency for job fills.

Lack of immediate compensation can be a big problem for trucking companies, which leads to issue invoices with 30-day repayment timelines.

Maximizing profit in the trucking industry is tricky. By the time a load drops, you’re out of money. It’s ideal to get paid on what you just delivered, to get the next load moving and fuel in the truck.

Companies like TRUX help address these issues by offering cash flow assistance and factoring assistance.

Getting Paid Fast is Economical

Fast pay happens when you work with TRUX. This is more convenient because both the dispatched load and pay come from the same source. You can get paid within one week after the load is delivered, instead of the traditional 30-50 day period. This means a trucking company can get paid quickly and get that cash flow where it belongs.

Stay in Line with Mobility

Trucking companies require more than just quick payment. You want your funds readily accessible without requiring going to bank, post office, the internet or having to log in on a computer.

By giving you mobile tools, you can complete your work easier. By nature, trucking is mobile so having ease of access and communication is critical to getting work done.

You can increase your cash flow just by getting on a platform and doing more work. This could be a great option for you if you’re usually dependent on driving for a fleet. Finding work depends on the high season. If the company doesn’t have work to fill, you can’t get paid. Now you can resort to other streams of income with a logistics management software like TRUX.