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Top 3 Reasons Why a Digital Records Management System is Critical to Contractors

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If you haven’t considered the switch to digital record keeping, consider this. Contractors who use digital records management are at a competitive advantage. Modern contractors can work more efficiently than their counterparts. Using technology to manage records significantly reduces risks and mistakes of outdated record-keeping methods. One single mistake in documentation can lead to a costly fixes.

A digital records management system allows savvy contractors to update documents seamlessly. Having the right documentation at hand means you can spend less time looking for your records and more time managing your business. Three core issues that contractors who work with manual processes face every day are:

Version Control Issues

Can’t keep track of revised documents? When too many revised files sit around, it can be difficult to know which is the most recent file. You work with many teams and individuals working from the same source of information. You may not be sharing the most recent version with your teammates. By allowing a digital record management system to take control of files, you can easily manage your team’s workflow ensuring accuracy at each step of the way.

Accessibility Issues

Ease of access is another value of digital record management. You’ll reduce the amount of unproductive time trying to find the right documents. Things like slow internet, file permissions and other delays can cause costly problems. 

Modification Issues

If you’re not careful, people can easily modify what’s written in pencil and paper. There’s no real way to keep track of who changes their timesheet or prevent them from making those changes. Moving to digital means you can limit that margin of error and make it easier to catch discrepancies. 

All of these issues can be easily avoided by the use of a digital records management software.

What Records You Need Digitized

You need plans, contracts, compliance documents, purchase orders, invoices, and material receipts to ensure a project is carried out. Every aspect of your business depends on proper documentation. Without the true, updated documents in place, projects can come to a halt, bringing you a big gap in your profits.

Digital Records Management

Keeping All Parties Involved in One Place

Integrated software provides one consistent and accurate source of data. If everyone works off the same information, you can confidently say things will get done the right way. Think about the sheer volume of construction data and documentation that your team needs. By integrating your load slips, compliance documents, and invoices all in one digital records management system, you can provide a single source of information to work with. This makes more meaningful and collaborative work possible.

TRUX: A Single Platform to Manage Your Records

With a digital records management platform like TRUX, you can easily access all your documentation. You can keep track and fulfill all compliance needs for your fleets, view load slips digitally, and easily receive invoices. When you book third party hauling, you can rest assured that TRUX gets fully compliant drivers without relying on your to manage the paperwork. Plus, invoices are sent weekly, in digital format making it easy to manage.