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Asset Tracking Software Elevates Construction Operational Processes

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Asset management is leaning more and more heavily on digital tactics to streamline operations and technology. This strategy is saving big dollars when it comes to operations. In a related view, asset tracking has huge benefits to the construction industry. When it comes to tracking, there are two ways to incorporate technology:

  1. There is the physical tracking of assets, such as dump trucks, equipment and materials. This can be accomplished with tools like GPS tracking.
  2. There is the tracking of assets like technology tools, man (or woman) power in the back offices, and data/analytics.

Asset tracking software is a great way to cut down on operational costs. Using a tool that allows you to digitize records, automate processes and allow your team to focus their efforts on other higher stakes initiatives can make a big impact on every part of the organization.

With an asset tracking software, you can:

  • Digitize your records
  • Automate your billing and invoicing


Digital Records Allow Agility

Your business moves fast. Get up to speed with a platform that moves just as fast as you do. Access your records digitally so you can pull them up and reference them at any time. Mobile applications make it easy for you to access records on the go. Some key examples of what you might need digitized include:

  • Plans
  • Contracts
  • Compliance Documents
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Material Invoices


Ease the Flow of Process with Automatic Invoicing

Platforms like TRUX make it easier for your AP team to manage hired trucking. You no longer have to keep track of multiple invoices. Instead, receive one weekly invoice, making it easier for your team to process. You’ll never have to track down a hauler invoice again because TRUX invoices you for all hired trucking directly.

Just think how much time you could be saving not needing to track down paperwork! A digital platform readily handles this manual process for you.


Tying It All Together and Transforming the Customer Experience

With an asset management software, you can move workflows digitally which means you can combine efforts between your operations team and technology, helping your company’s bottom line.

The process of bringing on new third-party haulers can be cumbersome. There is a lot of paperwork and it's a highly manual process for your back office teams and for the haulers. An asset tracking software, like TRUX, takes care of the heavy lifting for you. Access a marketplace of haulers in your area and rest assured that they are compliant. Save big by accessing all the records you need digitally and trust that invoices will be streamlined.

Moving to an asset tracking software means you have accountability. Digital leaders like TRUX are transforming the way new customers are brought on board, which leads to more productivity and lower costs. In fact, many of our clients save 8% on hauler over-payments alone.