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Buying a Used Dump Truck: How to Buy with a Used Price Guide

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Are you wondering how to buy a used dump truck? Buying a used dump truck is riskier than purchasing a new one, but can be a great way to save on your budget for other business expenses.

When you start your search for a dump truck, the first step is to ensure you are purchasing from a reputable reseller. Next, review your credit information and finances. Finally, conduct research to get the right amount of commercial insurance coverage.

Here are some tips to consider when thinking about purchasing a used dump truck.

Ask Lots of Questions

You don’t know what you’ll want until you see it in person. Talk to those in the business for some tips of what you’ll need. They’ll let you know of legal regulations and best practices in your area.

Have a good understanding of what you’ll need before going to talk to the reseller. What will you be hauling? How much will you be using it for on- or off-road? How many miles do you think you’ll be traveling on average?


Pricing depends on the condition and previous usage. Your budget will obviously be a huge determining factor of what you can afford. You’ll need to look at more than just mileage when deciding on a used dump truck. Things like transmission type and size of the body, and horsepower of the engine will largely determine the capability of your dump truck.

There are two types of transmissions:

  • Manual
  • Automatic

This is a great option for truckers who want great performance and a wide range of gear options. With more gear options, you can easily tackle tasks that fit the gear. A low gear, for example, will allow you to load and unload your truck on soft surfaces like mud or sand.

An automatic transmission will be found in newer models of used dump trucks. Although it’s more expensive, it gives you the flexibility you need without any required experience. It has a flexible torque converter, which means it doesn’t require gear shifting. This is a great option for new or inexperienced truckers.

The other spec to consider when purchasing a dump truck is to take a look at the body type. There are two types to consider:

  • Aluminum

These bodies reduce the overall weight of the truck, reducing the cost to fill the tank. They’re great for hauling light materials such as sand and dirt. However, you don’t want to put rock or demolition debris. This will ruin the body quickly!

  • Steel

Steel is better for a heavier load such as asphalt, gravel and concrete which are too abrasive for an aluminum body to handle. These bodies cost more than aluminum bodies and are much heavier. Because you can take on more types of work with a steel body, the dump truck you purchase will allow you to fulfill more types of work and the profit you make off of a steel body could eventually outweigh the cost of it.

You Find the Truck, TRUX Finds the Work

Getting the right dump to fulfill your needs isn't always easy. However, it is a great feeling when you find the perfect truck at the perfect price. Once you have purchased your dump truck, you are going to want to get up and running right away. Tools like TRUX's trucking logistics platform allow you to find work in your area. You get to pick the jobs you want to take and can rest assured you will be paid weekly for your work.

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