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How It All Got Started

At TRUX, we pride ourselves on offering technological solutions to decades-old problems facing the construction industry. While our business continues to evolve, we remain true to the original vision of TRUX Founder, Richard Saccone & Co-Founder, Michael Saccone.

Founding Story

When TRUX began in 2015, the construction industry was still operating largely with pen and paper. Dispatchers at construction and material production companies were making endless phone calls to try to find dump truck owner-operators that could deliver construction material for them and often coming up short. On the other hand, dump truck drivers were often parked for several days trying to find work to keep their trucks on the road. TRUX was founded on the vision of bringing haulers, contractors, and material producers together - improving construction logistics operations with technology.

TRUX was founded by Richard Saccone, who later brought on his cousin, Co-Founder Michael Saccone. They recognized the need to help innovate an industry they grew up in. Richard, “just knew there had to be a better solution to finding, tracking, and paying independent dump trucks. There has been innovation in other ‘last-mile’ logistics...why not dump trucks?” As the cousins dove into the complexity of this industry, they recognized the need to bring on a professional management team that could bring their vision to life. Over 2018 and 2019, the business continued to grow across the country and today TRUX offers the nation’s largest network of technology-enabled dump truck haulers, operates nationwide, and has delivered more than 3 million loads.