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Tips and Tricks to Recruit Truck Drivers

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Hiring haulers is a critical part of any construction project. From material shipments to debris disposal, truckers play a vital role in keeping jobs on track. However, it can be difficult for contractors to know how to recruit truck drivers who are effective and trustworthy. This problem comes from both ends: contractors can have a hard time discovering new truckers and verifying their reputations, and quality truckers want assurance that working with unfamiliar contractors will go smoothly. 

Fortunately, new networking methods are making it easier to establish great relationships between contractors and truckers. We'll walk you through some of the best ways to recruit truck drivers in today's industry. 


Connect Through An Online Marketplace

Old school job boards have existed for a while, but they are often clunky and don't provide any framework for truckers and contractors to verify each other's reputations. Using certain transport & logistics management software can serve as a modern upgrade to this traditional means of connection, providing insights that build trust and practical features that reduce the risk for both parties. 

For example, the TRUX program allows contractors to post jobs visible to all truckers in the local network. Contractors can build a favorites list, adding truckers whom they've had good working relationships with and may want to hire again in the future. And with the system's GPS tracking, insurance auditing, and down-to-the-minute payment system, both contractors and truckers can rest easy knowing that they will get fair a deal. 


Plan Your Job Posts Well

When you're posting on online job boards and marketplaces like TRUX, it can take time to figure out how to post great trucking job listings. But there are a few key guidelines you can follow to ensure that your job posts will attract the largest number of reliable truckers. 

One of the factors that has the biggest impact on your fill rates is the time you post your job. The golden rule is the earlier, the better. Last-minute jobs tend to get fewer responses because fewer truckers see them, and fewer have the room available in their schedules. 

It's also important to be informative in your posts. Truckers feel most confident about responding to jobs that make expectations clear. They want to be sure you are happy with their work, so tell them up front what to expect. Be sure your instructions include information about the type of material they'll be hauling, what locations they'll be driving between, any special equipment or truck requirements, and how much work is available (number of loads, hours, days, etc.).


Make the Work Simple & Enjoyable

One of the main causes of friction between truckers and contractors is communication. Without a transport & logistics management program like TRUX, it can be a hassle for both parties to keep updated on project progress and have everything documented. But with features like quick digital punch-ins, live location monitoring, and automated invoicing, it's easy to create a smooth work experience that both contractors and truckers will be glad to repeat. 

By implementing these truck driver recruiting tips and streamlining the way you hire and manage your jobs, you'll enjoy much greater success in forging strong ties with local truck drivers.