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Pair Your Technology


Find Haulers & Dispatch Efficiently

A Trux Infographic

Pair Your Technology

Moving your company forward with the help of technology.

As companies in the construction industry continue to struggle with labor shortages, price increases, and material shortages - it can be hard to see a path forward. Especially a path forward that solves your company’s largest challenges. 

Technology can have a positive impact across nearly every department in an organization. And in many cases can happen fast - 71%Trux users see a difference in less than a month!

Trux’s logistics solution for the construction and trucking industry can help companies increase productivity and efficiency, while simultaneously retaining and driving satisfaction for both employees and customers.

The power of a platform solution. 

With Trux, contractors, fleet owners, material producers, and owner operators have powerful technology at their disposal to not only help manage all trucking logistics in one place -- but to find more trucks when they need them. 

With the help of the nation's largest dump truck marketplace, which has more than 36,000 fully-insured haulers, business owners can get instant access to more drivers. These haulers could be the extra 4 or 5 drivers you need for a last-minute project or a project that has gotten off course.

Doubling down on tech.

Getting started with a logistics solution might seem daunting if you don’t already have one in place. But our team is ready to make the process seamless. Pairing a logistics and dispatching solution with a marketplace can be a powerful differentiator for your company when it comes to driving customer satisfaction and increasing your bottom line. 

Find Haulers & Dispatch Efficiently


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Get Ahead in 2022

90% of Trux customers said they are considering leveraging more technology in 2022.

Don't get left in the dust as the industry moves forward -- start exploring technology solutions today.


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