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A Trux Infographic

Dispatch From Anywhere - Trux

Every role in your your organization plays a part in making your business more efficient. 

Dispatchers are the heart of your trucking operation. They're top-notch multitaskers, decisive problem solvers, and can pivot on a dime. They keep your dump trucks on the road, your haulers happy, and your customers satisfied. 

Their job has a big impact on your bottom line. But what happens if they're in a meeting? Or can't make it into the office? 

Give your dispatcher the tools they need to get the job done. 

With Trux, dispatchers don't have to sit at their desks -- they can dispatch from anywhere. Mobile dispatching tools and capabilities enable dispatchers to manage trucks from wherever they are.

Dispatchers can use drag and drop technology to assign work, manage order progress, and ensure hauler utilization, all from their mobile device.

Keep your employees happy. 

Retaining employees is more important than ever. Flexibility for employees and employers is key -- especially as labor shortages continue to plague the construction industry.

Adding technology can be a great way to support your employees -- but only if it's intuitive, built for the industry, and integrates with your current systems. Trux has straightforward technology, created by industry veterans, and tested in the field. 

Giving your dispatchers digital tools to increase their efficiency, even if they aren't sitting at their desks, is a winning combination for trucking dispatchers, haulers, customers, and your bottom line.

Trux Infographic - Dispatch From Anywhere


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Dispatch anywhere like a pro

Arm your dispatchers with the tools they need to increase productivity, become proactive, drive results, make decisions based on data, and work from anywhere.


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