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Ep. 0: Get Ready to Get A Load of This

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Welcome to Season 2 of Get a Load of This -- the podcast bringing you conversations with industry experts and leaders in civil construction, aggregates, and technology. We’ve been hard at work putting together a great second season for you.


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episode 0:

Get ready to get a load of season 2


Over the course of this season, we’ll take a look back, wrapping up the year by looking more closely at some of the biggest challenges the industry has faced:

“I can track my pizza, and I know when my amazon package is gonna come -- but where’s my rock?” 

- Jason Waddell, General Manager and Mining & Construction Management Leader 


And we’ll look ahead to some of the great things to come. We’re covering the common challenges that the industry is up against and some innovative approaches people are taking to overcome them. 


Whether we’re talking about launching GPS tracking 


“For me, one of the biggest things was finding the good.”

- Chris Seger, Director of Programs & Pricing, PNBA


Creating a more diverse workforce 


“It’s a great time to be a woman in this industry, because you have a lot of allies and a lot of advocates that are saying, ‘Ok, we can do better’. And making significant changes within their organizations to make it more female friendly.”

- Natasha Ozybko, Co-Founder, MOXY


Or automation 


"Our system automates data collection, processing, and analysis, but it still requires a human to interpret that and then act on it.” 

- Reese Mozer, CEO, American Robotics 


It’s clear there are few trends on everyone’s mind. Stay tuned this season to see how the industry is evolving its mindset towards technology, grappling with the labor shortages, and training a new diverse generation of construction professionals. 

Our first episode will be out next Tuesday, November 30th

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