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How to Make Hauling Operations More Efficient in 3 Months or Less

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FRAMINGHAM, Mass., April 21, 2020 -  TRUX™, the leading logistics platform serving the construction industry, has launched a new eBook for contractors and fleet owners. The “3 Months (Or Less) To More Efficient Hauling Logistics” eBook functions as a project guide for construction professionals by giving them week-by-week instructions for creating more efficient dump truck hauling.

For the thousands of construction companies that own dump trucks and fleet owners that manage dozens of trucks, the desire to become more efficient is widespread. However, there is no clear plan that helps them have conversations with their teams to uncover current challenges and build a solution that addresses each concern. With this eBook, ambitious fleets are able to complete the entire efficiency overhauling process with easy-to-follow guidance in less than 3 weeks, while others may take the full three months to reach their goal of more efficient hauling.

“Today, more than 10,000 businesses use TRUX to streamline their hauling logistics,” said Bart Ronan, CEO of TRUX. “We’ve leveraged our learnings from working with our extensive customer base and translated it into the ‘3 Months (Or Less) To More Efficient Hauling Logistics’ eBook, a tool that will help the construction industry at large.”

TRUX serves the industry with solutions to find dump trucks through the nation’s largest tech-enabled dump truck network, manage fleet operations, and deliver material efficiently. The easy-to-use platform is an ideal way for construction companies and fleets to quickly create efficiency backed by powerful technology and a helpful team of industry experts. 

To download a copy of the “3 Months (Or Less) To More Efficient Hauling Logistics” eBook, visit us here.

About TRUX

TRUX is the leading dump truck logistics platform designed for material producers, fleet owners and contractors. The cloud-based software connects contractors and material producers with the nation’s largest network of technology-enabled haulers. TRUX users realize significant gains in the profitability of their logistics services through more efficient operations, better customer experience, and improved visibility into operations.