Innovating for the People Building our Infrastructure and Keeping Us Connected

The TRUX team is a group of industry veterans, technology leaders, and hard-working innovators. We are passionate about bringing technology to the people that technology left behind. Our users are people that build our nation’s roads, bridges, and buildings these avenues keep our society connected – we are building the technological routes that allow them to do their jobs more efficiently.

Leadership Team

Bart Ronan

Chief Executive Officer

Donald Lee

Chief Operations Officer

Tom Spencer

Chief Revenue Officer

Kathy Breslin

Vice President of HR

Jonathan Dorant

Vice President of Finance

Haley Martin

Vice President of Marketing

Keith Rubin

Vice President of Engineering

Taylor Ciavarra

Vice President of Product

TRUX Board of Directors

It is our vision that an industry can’t be transformed by technology without the collective inputs from a diverse set of experts who can combine their knowledge and collaborate on bringing innovative solutions to market. That vision extends to our Board of Directors.

Hal Charnley

Executive Chairman – TRUX

Doug Haugh

President – Parkland USA

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