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Find Dump Truck Work

How Do I Get Started?

1. Download the App

From your mobile device, tap this link to download  and install Trux Drive. Open the app and select "SIGN UP" to get started. Don’t worry...the app will walk you through it. 

2. Send Us Your COI

Contact your insurance provider, have them add Trux Inc. as a certificate holder, and send a copy of your COI to insurance@truxnow.com. See below for insurance requirements.

3. Send Us a W9 and Voided Check

Email signup@truxnow.com a copy of your W9 and a voided check to set up direct deposit.

4. View Available Jobs

Once your insurance has been approved, you’ll be able to search the Trux Marketplace for available jobs in your area.

5. Get Paid Weekly

Trux pays you weekly! No more submitting invoices and paper slips to contractors and waiting for months to get paid.



Frequently Asked Questions

What are your insurance requirements?

  • $1M Auto Liability combined single limit

  • List Trux Inc. as an additional insured in regards to the Auto Liability policy. Please make sure the additional insured box for the Auto Liability policy is checked.

  • Add Trux Inc. as a certificate holder with the address below:

    Trux Inc.
    PO Box 540230
    Waltham, MA 02454


When and how do I get paid?

One of the major benefits of using Trux is that we pay you weekly for work you complete. Funds from Direct Deposit (ACH) payments will be available in your bank account by end of the day on your scheduled payment date.

Paper checks can be mailed upon request. They are printed every Tuesday. Estimated delivery time for USPS is currently 7-10 business days.

Where can I get a W9 form?

Click here to download a blank form.



And join over 40,000 haulers already using our platform.