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How Digital Workflows in Construction Optimize Process

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The construction industry, in general, has not seen the transition to digital solutions, like many other industries. This is in part due to the complexity of the industry, creating a digital solution is not an easy task. However, in recent years, more companies have been creating technology that solves some of the challenges the construction industry faces. One key area of improvement has been digital workflows in the construction space. Digital workflows can help companies track, access, and automate daily processes.

Let’s take a look at one area that technology is providing a solution digitally. Digital record keeping is transforming the construction industry. Savvy contractors are moving more and more to digital records for three key reasons:

  • Real-time cost reconciliation
  • Automated invoicing of third party haulers
  • Digital dispute management

Save time with Real-time Cost Reconciliation

When you use a digital platform to help manage your business, it can make cost reconciliation a breeze. Using a tool like TRUX where all your hired trucking is tracked through digital punch-in and out, GPS tracking, and digitally dispatched by job can save you big. This provides you with digital records that you can then group however you need. Cost by code and phase code, group by job ID, and upload custom reports for your finance team.

Never Process A Hauler Invoice Again

You want to ensure that haulers get paid for every minute of work they do but managing the process can be tedious.You want to ensure you get paid by your customer and you want to make sure that haulers get paid on time. However, keeping track of (or tracking down) hauler invoices is time-consuming. Digital workflows in construction tools like TRUX eliminate the need to process third-party hauling invoices, it is all taken care of in app. Invoices are sent weekly for the previous work week and are organized by day and job. The result is one easy and understandable payment.

Manage Disputes in Real-Time

Keep tabs on your hired trucking. You rely on your truckers to get the job done. But you don’t always have the visibility you need. Disputing digitally means you can easily manage your disputes in real-time.




Outpace Your Competitors with Digital Workflows

Digital workflows in construction allow you to maximize your team’s efforts and keep track of complex paper trails with digital tools. The first step in outpacing your competitors is lining up the right tools to help you reconcile your third-party trucking costs, automate invoicing, and manage disputes digitally.

TRUX brings efficiency to the logistics and operations of your day-to-day business, ensuring your operations are optimized and yield success.

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