TRUX Overview

Optimizing the Dump Truck Value Chain

TRUX was founded in 2014 by a group of construction business owners in the Boston area determined to find an efficient alternative to the antiquated dump truck hiring and management workflow.

Today, TRUX is the first and only comprehensive Dump Truck Value Chain (DTVC) platform in North America – connecting dump truck drivers, contractors and material providers to optimize the entire value chain so everyone wins. Hundreds of the nation’s leading contractors use TRUX to dispatch thousands of third-party dump truck providers.

A cloud-based solution, TRUX offers complete dump truck management, from automated dispatching, tracking and driver notification, to paperless ticketing and driver payment. Our TRUX 360™analytics provides contractors, materials producers and government agencies with deep insight into the dump truck ecosystem. The TRUX Chrome program offers independent owner-operators and fleet contractors unprecedented savings on critical cost drivers, from insurance and maintenance to parts and tires.

We continue to grow and evolve the TRUX platform to better serve the needs of its users: contractors, dump truck drivers, material providers, and state and local governments.