Optimizing the Dump Truck Value Chain


TRUX was founded in 2015 by a group of construction business owners in the Boston area determined to find an efficient alternative to the antiquated dump truck hiring and management workflow.

Today, TRUX is the first and most comprehensive dump truck platform in North America – connecting dump truck drivers, contractors, and material providers to optimize the entire value chain so everyone wins. Hundreds of the nation’s leading contractors use TRUX to dispatch thousands of third-party dump truck providers.

A cloud-based logistics management solution, TRUX offers complete dump truck management, from automated dispatching, tracking and driver notification, to paperless ticketing and driver payment. Our TRUX Insights provides contractors, materials producers, and government agencies with deep insight into the dump truck ecosystem. The TRUX Chrome program offers independent owner-operators and fleet contractors unprecedented savings on critical cost drivers, from insurance and maintenance to parts and tires.

We continue to grow and evolve the TRUX platform to better serve the needs of its users: contractors, dump truck drivers, material providers, and state and local governments.


We are building the digital bridge to a connected construction community.


We create opportunities for our partners by engineering cutting-edge technology and solutions that break down barriers in the construction industry.


How We Work

  • Relentless – We are scrappy, focused and relentless in bringing our vision to life.
  • Accountable – We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for our actions, our commitments, and our words.
  • Collaborative – We are one team, we pull the rope together and we care about the quality of the idea, not where it comes from.
  • Constructive – Anyone can identify a problem; we create solutions.
  • Speedy – Being first matters.

How We Act

  • Empathetic – We see the world through the eyes of our partners and respond in a fair, respectful and consultative manner.
  • Fun – We value humor, camaraderie, and enjoyment in our daily work, and we know that having fun (not taking ourselves too seriously) makes us a better team.
  • Humble – We’re allergic to ego (no jerks!) and we’re always striving to be better.
  • Fearless – We are all empowered to challenge the status quo.

How We Talk

  • Direct – We tell it like it is, especially when it’s hard.
  • Open – We share information proactively and consistently.


We’re in the super fun phase of crazy growth

We’re a tech company, bringing the startup mindset of rapidly creating innovations to change the world. And having a lot of fun in the process.

We’re also in the construction industry, bringing the builder’s mindset of rolling up our sleeves to get stuff done. And improving people’s lives in the process.

We’ve got an amazing team of high energy people and business is booming so we’re growing fast and constantly hiring.

If you’re interested, please check out the list of jobs below. If you love what we’re doing but don’t see anything that fits you, send a resume to jobs@trux 360.com and we’ll keep you in mind as new opportunities open up.

Open Positions

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TRUX connects truckers, contractors and material producers throughout North America by offering complete dump truck management – including automated dispatching, driver tracking, notifications, paperless ticketing and driver payment, as well as deep insights into the dump truck ecosystem. Check out the videos below to learn more.

TRUX Partners

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