Fleet Management Software

Fleet management provides large fleet owners and brokers with a powerful set of tools to keep their trucks busy.
Find and claim jobs with Trux's transportation management system

Find and claim jobs for your fleet

  • Easily add all of your trucks and drivers
  • Organize haulers by truck type, type of work they accept, or any other grouping.
  • Drag and drop your haulers to jobs sent to you directly or an available job from the TRUX Marketplace

Real-time access to documents & earnings

  • Electronic access to load slips
  • Track earnings from individual truckers and your whole fleet in real-time
  • Reconcile payments and resolve disputes
View haulers schedule with Trux's logistics management software

View your haulers' location & schedules

  • Track drivers who work for you and drivers you broker in real-time
  • View entire route history on completed jobs
  • View requested, scheduled, in progress, and completed jobs by hauler, by shift, and by date

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We bring the work to you

The TRUX marketplace allows you to find work for your entire fleet. Contractors and Material Producers schedule their available work and you can choose the jobs that work for your schedule, truck types, and your wallet!

Never Create an Invoice Again

Collecting documentation can be a huge burden for fleet owners. TRUX keeps track of all needed documentation, punch in and punch out events from your drivers and compiles one invoice for the contractors you work with. Saving you time and aggregation. Not to mention, TRUX pays haulers weekly - so, you'll know you can count on getting paid fast!

Better Communication with Contractors

TRUX uses the latest technology allowing contractors and fleet owners to communicate with ease. Any last-minute schedule changes are all sent through the app, allowing you to manage your trucks with real-time information. Plus, fleet owners and contractors are able to see the same tracking information, cutting down on phone calls and text messages from the job site contacts.

Who uses fleet management?

Hear from our customers

Our partnership with TRUX over the past 2 years has allowed my team to vastly improve our trucking operations. TRUX gives us the ability to efficiently manage our fleet, get additional dump trucks when we need them, monitor performance, get digital copies of our tickets and gain access to cost data in real-time. TRUX has helped provide quality control over our trucking operations so we can deliver on our commitments to our clients.

Michael Musto, CEO & President, U.S. Pavement Services

TRUX has helped me grow my business by providing the opportunity to work during the heavy season as much as possible. I now have two dump trucks and look to keep growing and have a third dump truck by next year. It’s a great company because you pick your own schedule and the shifts that work better for you.

Jose Barahona, Owner, Jacob B. Trucking

Looking for help with your dump truck logistics?

With TRUX fleet management - overseeing your
fleet of dumptrucks is a breeze.