Grow More

New business opportunities are within your reach

With all the problems caused by the inefficiencies of the dump truck operations – inefficiencies beyond your control – it’s difficult for you to drive new business growth. Should you open a new facility? Where should facilities be optimally sited? How much new business can you attract if you expand geographically and enlarge current facilities?

When you start using TRUX, you can begin to answer those and other critical questions. TRUX captures all the relevant data about dump truck traffic and orders at your facilities. You can run analyses and generate reports to identify emerging trends and potential opportunities.

You can fuel new growth by:

  • Optimizing production at each facility to earn incremental revenue and profit

  • Balancing demand among multiple facilities to increase production

  • Planning better to support the material needs of bigger projects

  • Identifying high-growth regions where new facilities can be sited

TRUX gives you the means – and the confidence – to make it happen.