Coordinate More

Work with your customers like a well-tuned machine

If you’re lucky, you get more than 48 hours notice of an upcoming materials order. But more often than not, it's much less. Get more than a couple of big, back-to- back orders and you’re hard-pressed to meet demand.

That lack of visibility into demand also affects truck traffic at your facilities. When multiple dump trucks show up around the same time without notice, it can create bottlenecks that slow order fulfillment and cause frustrating project delays.

TRUX reduces random, chaotic pickups by enabling you to combine materials purchasing with transportation. You can orchestrate pickups – even route trucks to different facilities – to reduce truck downtime and make your operations more efficient and productive.

You’ll like the impact on your customer relationships. You’ll be able to work more closely together, coordinating activities like the productive, mutually-beneficial team you were meant to be.