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Material Producer Solutions

Bring structure and predictability to a volatile business

If you’re in the business of producing asphalt, sand, stone, or gravel, you’re running an enterprise subject to daily volatility in supply and demand. With very little foresight into the upcoming material needs of your construction company customers, you’re constantly juggling production amounts, stockpiling excess material, and working to avoid dump truck traffic jams at your facilities.

TRUX provides the answer by delivering the industry’s first and only comprehensive dump truck logistics solution. This free, web-based platform is simple to use, requires no hardware, and works in harmony with your other business solutions.

TRUX gives you the power to get closer to your customers and synchronize your activities. You gain the ability to better estimate production needs, balance inventory and workloads among your facilities, optimize dump truck pickup schedules, and more.

There’s never been a better way to get closer to your customers – or your growth objectives.