Optimize More

The power of greater efficiency and visibility

Dispatching and managing dump trucks, handling paperwork, and processing payments has traditionally been labor-intensive, time-consuming, and inefficient.

By automating all of these tasks, TRUX reduces your resource requirements significantly, bringing new levels of efficiency and productivity to your organization.

But greater efficiency is only one way that TRUX helps you optimize your operations. There’s more:

Real-time tracking and control. With TRUX, you never have to waste time trying to find out where trucks are or chase them down by phone when plans change. You can track dump trucks in real time via GPS, maintaining complete visibility and control at all times from the contractor portal.

Increased data access. TRUX captures and organizes all of your DTVC data, giving you enhanced, real-time access to all your cost and performance information. You gain the business intelligence you need to make better use of construction logistics software and further optimize your operations.

The more you use TRUX over time, the more empowered you are to move your business forward, confidently and efficiently.