Grow More

Expand your horizons

For years, your business growth has been hampered by the challenges of finding and managing adequate numbers of dump trucks, and a shortage of actionable business information.

TRUX removes each of these obstacles, giving newfound freedom to pursue new business opportunities. With TRUX, you can:

Bid on projects farther from your home base. With the access that TRUX provides to a larger pool of dump trucks in other areas, you can confidently bid on projects and know you’ll have the trucks you need – and the prequalified, proven drivers to operate them – right at your fingertips.

Bid on bigger projects. In the past, you may have shied away from taking on jobs that were beyond your comfort zone. With all the work associated with finding, dispatching, and managing a large fleet of dump trucks, you couldn’t be completely confident that it was manageable. But because TRUX vastly simplifies the work required to hire, management, and pay dump truck drivers, you can now bid on, win, and successfully manage much larger projects.