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Calculating More Precise Cycle Time Improves Contracting and Material Producing Decisions

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Cycle time reporting tracks each event of the trucker's cycle from when they start to when they complete each load. With the push of a button, dispatchers can instantly identify bottlenecks in order deliveries, discover trucking congestion at job sites and/or plants before it becomes problematic, and determine if a job is over or under trucked.

3 Benefits You Should Know About Fast Trucker Pay

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Truckers have to wait a long time to receive payments, and don’t have access to working capital. This makes it harder to pay for things like tires and inspection in a timely matter, so oftentimes, you have to tackle these expenses reactively. With weekly payments, cash flow comes to you consistently. You can proactively manage your day-to-day operations. Bringing you your pay quickly establishes better, more fluid cash flow.

No One Wants To Be Short of Dump Trucks. Here are the Top 3 Ways to Avoid Shortages.

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Few things can frustrate a material producer or contractor more than a dump truck shortage.  When the hard sales work of winning a deal or closing a contract is done, when the complex logistics of project management are lined up to perfection… and the whole thing grinds to a halt because you don’t have the trucks you need… it’s a bitter pill.

Improving Dump Truck Supply and Demand Balance

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The supply and demand balance in the dump truck industry isn’t quite as clear-cut as some other industries. “It’s a closed market that hoards supply,” says Donald Lee, TRUX Chief Services Delivery Officer. The way dump truck businesses work has been set in stone for the past 40 years. Contractors usually reference a list of preferred truckers, giving preference to certain truckers. These decisions aren’t necessarily based on data. A marketplace backed by data would accelerate clear-cut decisions and help plan and optimize a project from start to finish.

TRUX Paves the Way to A More Connected Construction Community with Expansion in the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Northeast

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TRUX, the first and only comprehensive dump truck logistics platform, today announced its largest expansion to date with recent launches across the Eastern United States. The most recent expansion includes the availability of the TRUX platform and marketplace in the following states: North Carolina, Virginia, Washington D.C., Louisiana, New York, Maryland and Connecticut. 

TRUX Launches Dump Truck Logistics App for Contractors

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TRUX™, the first and only comprehensive dump truck logistics platform, just launched TRUX Connect, a brand-new app for contractors on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, and Google Play for Android devices. TRUX Connect allows contractors on the go to manage job sites and trucking logistics while saving time and money.

What Do I Need a Dump Truck For?

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Contractors and material producers need dump trucks to fit the project at hand. Different projects require different dump trucks. Some dump trucks specialize in aggregate work, while others are needed for chip paving or live materials. Whatever contracting or material producing needs, we’ve outlined the right dump truck.

Why Should Fleet Owners Care About Fleet Maintenance?

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If you want to expand your business, fleet maintenance is key in reducing vehicle operating costs, maintaining vehicle resale value and complying with regulations. To do this effectively, you need to think critically about the value of your trucks and truckers. Look at your fleet through a holistic lens and consider tools like technology to help run your fleet more efficiently.