We are building the digital bridge to a connected construction community.


We create opportunities for our partners by engineering cutting-edge technology and solutions that break down barriers in the construction industry.

How We Work

  • Relentless - We are scrappy, focused and relentless in bringing our vision to life.
  • Accountable - We hold ourselves and our partners accountable for our actions, our commitments, and our words.
  • Collaborative – We are one team, we pull the rope together and we care about the quality of the idea, not where it comes from.
  • Constructive – Anyone can identify a problem; we create solutions.
  • Speedy - Being first matters.
How We Act
  • Empathetic – We see the world through the eyes of our partners and respond in a fair, respectful and consultative manner.
  • Fun – We value humor, camaraderie, and enjoyment in our daily work, and we know that having fun (not taking ourselves too seriously) makes us a better team.
  • Humble – We’re allergic to ego (no jerks!) and we’re always striving to be better.
  • Fearless – We are all empowered to challenge the status quo.
How We Talk
  • Direct - We tell it like it is, especially when it’s hard.
  • Open - We share information proactively and consistently.